Structural Engineer Home Inspection

Why would you need a structural engineer home inspection? At LEVEL Engineering, we get a lot of calls from homeowners who were told that they need a licensed Engineer to come take a look at their house for home a inspection.

Our clients that call in aren’t always sure why, or how the process works, but they know they need it done in order to move forward with their project. Whenever you are changing the structure of your house, the city or county require your project to be approved by someone who knows what’s going on structurally (Licensed Structural Engineer).

Here are some common jobs that we come across that require an Engineer:

woman with umbrella yellow wall

Wall removal

Whether you are opening up a room or taking out a wall to see out to your beautiful lake or mountain view, taking out a wall without making sure it is not load bearing first can cause issues. Learn more.

Building a Deck

This one is extremely common for us. A lot of our customers want to build a deck, but struggle with jumping through the hoops required to get it permitted by the city. We understand building code and the hoops, we can help guide you through the process stress free. Give us a call.

Adding to your home

Whether it’s another room, a patio, or a second story, you will need to get it approved by a Structural Engineer.



Depending on your local building code, you will almost always be required to have stamped approval by a Structural Engineer for any renovations involving structural modifications.

renovated living room

After the fact

Far too often, homeowners call in needed an engineers stamp because they went through with work before obtaining a permit. This is an unfortunate situation because often times, the work was done incorrectly or not in accordance with an engineers structural recommendations. We then have to come in a make the necessary changes that can sometimes be costly. Make sure you hire an engineer prior to your project to avoid future headaches.

Real Estate Transactions

If you are selling your house, most buyers will require a structural engineers report and stamp explaining the structural integrity of their potential future home. This can make or break a sale, so be sure to keep things structurally sound in case that day ever comes.

That is just a few. If you are not sure if your job or project requires a Structural Engineer, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what the best course of action is. Call us at 720-408-0119 to schedule your structural engineer home inspection.

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