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I work with the clients to accomplish their various projects, whether it be inspecting a home for structural concerns, or designing an addition. I am helping establish new tools to be used by upcoming engineers as our company grows. While I was working on my Master’s degree, I was offered work by Level Engineering and since then I haven’t looked back. Level Engineering offered me a work life where I am not stuck in a cubicle all day. I am given the opportunity to design every aspect of a home one could imagine while learning important aspects of the business along the way. I recently just graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a Master’s degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural design. I received my Bachelors from Colorado School of Mines as well. My goal is to build energy efficient houses that are both highly functional while being appealing to the eye. Net zero home design has fascinated me and I would love to see more houses being built with energy efficiency in mind. I am an outdoor enthusiast; in my free time, I can usually be found in the mountains. I am a pushover when it comes to animals so don’t lock up your dogs if I stop by.

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Removing a Fireplace For an Awesome Open Plan Design

Posted by Travis White on Dec 27, 2017 11:55:32 AM

 LEVEL Engineering recently performed the structural engineering and design for this modern open plan design. They wanted to achieve a modern look, but needed to remove the fireplace that was suporting the entire roof. The finished product turned out to be amazing! You can see a few before pictures below as well as click here to go on a virtual tour of the finished house.

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